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Industrial Aluminum Profiles Production Process Mar 10, 2017

Industrial aluminum main process is as follows:

1) surface treatment: chemical or physical methods to clean the surface, naked pure substrates, in order to get a complete and compact artificial oxide film. Can also be obtained by mechanical means specular or Matt (Matt) surface.

2) anode oxidation: profiles surface pretreatment, in certain conditions, surface anodized, forming a dense, porous, strong AL203 membrane adsorption layer.

3) seal hole: will anode oxidation Hou generated of more hole oxidation film of film hole pore closed, makes oxidation film anti-pollution, and anti-corrosion and wear performance enhanced, oxidation film is colorless transparent of, using seal hole Qian oxidation film of strong adsorption sex, in film hole within adsorption deposition some metal salt, can makes profile appearance appeared color (Silver) yiwai of many color, as: black, and bronze, and Golden and the stainless steel color.

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